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Enhance Arena scheduler to manage the increasingly complex workflows and dependencies

Please look at Apache Airflow, which is an open-source workflow management platform. It allowed to programmatically author and schedule workflows and monitor them via built-in Airflow user interface. We need similar functionality in Arena or integ...
Navin Sharma about 2 years ago in Workflow 0 Shipped

Enable Impersonation for Python Action

Customer wants to use impersonation feature made available for Python action. They want to execute hive queries via python scripts, and in their systems they are only allowed to connect to hive via beeline using the users with which they execute t...
Sanjay Yadav over 2 years ago in Workflow 0 Shipped

Workflow Trigger Dependency needed

Problem Statement: [Workflow Trigger Dependency] Customer has multiple use cases where a transformation needs to be triggered based on the onboarding of its dependent datasets onto Data Lake. Here is an example- - Transformation X needs to be trig...
Gaurav Chakravarti over 3 years ago in  0 Shipped

Support MySQL 8 as the platform metadata store

Customer is suggesting to upgrade MYSQL version to V8 from V5.7 .x to support Multi-master functionality. This will help them streamline their processes if volume is more
Pooja Killa almost 2 years ago in  0 Shipped


Need SAML integration to OKTA to improve user experience
Nikhil Goel over 2 years ago in  0 Shipped

Support for Open jdk for ZDP installation

1. As a Infrastructure architect/Data Lake admin 2. I want (Feature Details):1) ZDP to be able to work with Open jdk.2) ZDP to support latest versions of Oracle jdk. 3. So that (Use case details):1) The customer need not bear the price of using Or...
Nikhil Goel over 2 years ago in  0 Shipped

SSO Feature

Customer requires the SSO feature for the Arena.
Mary Das over 1 year ago in  1 Shipped

Upgrade Kibana version to v5.3.0

We have a request from BOA to block TLSv1.0. As per Z engineering ( this is not supported in current version of kibana we use and therefore we need to upgrade it to v5.3.0
Ajinkya Rasam almost 3 years ago in Dashboards 0 Shipped

Workflow should have the ability to run as the service ID

The platform ID should be able to impersonate the service ID, so that ZDP Workflow can have access to the local Linux filesystem.
Sanjay Yadav almost 3 years ago in  0 Shipped

Ability to configure default global search filters

Global search filters include several attributes, currently defined at the software level. Customer would like to be able to define which filters are displayed and their default values.
Meghali Nandi almost 2 years ago in Global Search 0 Shipped