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Certifying higher versions of python for installations/upgrades.

Bank of America have asked for an information request regarding using python version 3.8 (instead of the now supported 3.6) for Arena Installation and upgrade. While this is not a critical requirement right now it does have the potential to be one...
S Shahnawaj Sahil Imani 21 days ago in Documentation / Deployment 0 On the Roadmap

docs should have hive query examples showing of namespace vriables

When we use hive queries in workflow hive action, if we try to use workflow namespace variables, there is very little information in the docs. We expect there should be example as to how different type of hive queries can use wrkflow namespace var...
Mrinmoy Jyoti Kaushik about 1 year ago in Documentation 0 On the Backlog

Backup and Restore Process in Documentation

Please add detailed instructions on how to backup and restore Arena in our product documentation. This has been a consistent ask from many customers
Faisal Zafar about 1 year ago in Documentation 0 On the Backlog