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Ability to upload jdbc jar from UI

Hi,Currently, jdbc jars for RDBMS datasources needs to be manually placed on host machines where zdp-gateway, zdp-executor and zdp-mr service is running.However, it's not convenient for a business user to do so and have to rely upon admin to uploa...
Ajinkya Rasam over 1 year ago in Connections / Administration 0 On the Backlog

Ability to clone connections

It would be nice to have connection clone option in ZDP. Currently, if user needs to create a similar connection to an existing on, he/she has to edit, rename and save.
Ajinkya Rasam about 2 years ago in Connections 0 On the Backlog

Catalog BI applications

Ability to catalog BI application dashboards, reports, visualizations, metrics, attribute dimensions and provide end to end data lineage from ultimate source. BI Applications: Qlik Sense, Business Objects, tableau, etc
Adi Bandaru almost 2 years ago in Metadata / Global Search / Lineage / Catalog / Custom Metadata / Connections 0 On the Backlog

Connection creation/access/usage on project level

Ability to create a connection at project level. That means it should be only available, visible and usable for that project and it's assigned users only. This connection should not be usable outside of the project boundaries and users
Nikhil Goel over 2 years ago in Connections 0 On the Backlog