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Convert fixed-width data to columnar format

1. As a part of the big data team I am responsible for ingesting file data into the lake. Many of the files that we receive are fixed length files. It is difficult to process these files within the lake so I generally create a delimited version of...
Gary Asmus almost 2 years ago in Transformations 1 On the Backlog

Easier Decimal datatype mapping in HCATALOG

Currently, we have to map the DECIMAL(x,y) of HDFS DATA TYPE to STRING of HCATALOG DATA TYPE. Everytime value of x & y changes, we have to add a new data type mapping. This is not a feasible way of handling data type mapping between HDFS and H...
Sanjay Yadav almost 2 years ago in Metadata / Catalog / Transformations / Administration 2 On the Backlog

Add 'between' condition in transformation filter action

I want (Feature Details):I want to be able to select 'between' condition to filter column having values between to columns or constant values.So that (Use case details):I can add only one rule for a column which takes care of both greater than and...
Radhika Kolimi almost 2 years ago in Transformations 0 On the Backlog

User experience improvement on transformation actions like 'filter'

Changes in transformation actions to take effect before clicking 'OK' button.Eg: 1. Create transformation2. select 'Filter' action3. Add rule under 'Properties' tab4. switch to 'Outgoing' tab5. See: outgoing fields are not added unless you click o...
Ajinkya Rasam about 2 years ago in Transformations 0 On the Backlog