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Zones information needs to be carried over in metadata tar export/import

Zones information needs to be carried over in metadata tar export/import.Currently, all imported entities go to uncategorized zone by default
Jeet Medhi about 1 month ago in Import/Export / Metadata management 0

Ability to restict "Difine Attributes at Entity" level with projects

Current functionality of "Define Attributes" allow us to create extended metadata attributes at ENTITY and FIELD scope. The visibility of these extended attributes are across the platform.some of the customer use cases focuses on the metadata spec...
Adi Bandaru 3 months ago in Metadata / User Interface / Metadata management / Global Search / Metadata API 0 On the Backlog

Custom Categories in Entity View like Reporting Catalog

Customer has a feature request where users will define custom categories like Reporting Catalog, Model Catalog etc. The intent of this is to see the impact of entities on other external artifacts like tableau reports, power bi reports etc and/or w...
Guest about 2 years ago in Catalog / Metadata management / Lineage / Custom Metadata / Metadata 0 On the Roadmap

When creating entities from other entities, business metadata should be inherited from parent entity by default

"Automated metadata catalouging inheritance for views/transformations"When creating entities from other entities (e.g. during provisioning or transformations), business metadata should be inherited from parent entity by default
Guest over 2 years ago in User Interface / Metadata management 1 On the Roadmap

Ability to certify metadata from UI at entity- and element-level

"Ability to certify metadata from UI at entity/view/ elementlevel - Manual and Bulk"Our governance team will certify metadata as part of their workflow. We need a way to store and manage the certification in a way that only approved users can cha...
Guest over 2 years ago in Metadata management / Metadata workflow 0 On the Backlog

All definition files and Configuration files should be uploadable from UI

Since the Arena is a Product not only meant for Developers, but also for business users and Data scientists and users as such who will not have access to the backend, when they need to execute Workflows with changes in the Configuration, they shou...
Hiranya Deva Sarmah 10 months ago in User Interface / Metadata management / Metadata workflow / Workflow 0 On the Backlog

Need support for Case sensitive Table Names in ZDP Entities

In my discussion with Ranjit and Sanjay yesterday, Sanjay informed me that they have a scenario wherein they want to import case sensitive tables from RDBMS to ZDP using DB import.However, presently we do not have support for case sensitive table ...
Ujjal Sharmah almost 2 years ago in Catalog / Metadata management / Metadata 1 Duplicate

Ability to create and use hierarchical custom metadata

"Ability to create parent child relationship using new or existing tags/properties and show hierarchical search result"Allow an admin to create a new custom metadata field/attribute, which can contain one or more values from a pre-defined hierarch...
Guest over 2 years ago in Metadata management 0 On the Roadmap

Get metadata from SAP ERP and HANA source systems

Provide functionality to populate entity business metadata from SAP ERP and HANA. Data Domains : DD01LData Domain text : DD01T SAP Tables : DD02LTable Text : DD02T Table Fields : DD03L Table Filed Texts : DD03TData Elements : DD04L Data Element T...
Adi Bandaru over 1 year ago in Metadata / Metadata management / Lineage / Metadata API / Catalog 0 On the Backlog

API for exporting files from Data Lake

Customer expects a ZDP API that would allow them to download files from the Data Lake without having to communicate with the storage layer directly. The data may be stored in HDFS, S3, ADLS or GCP.Basically current we can export records in a file ...
Sabyasachi Gupta almost 2 years ago in Catalog / Metadata management 0 On the Backlog