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Created by Raja Adabala
Created on May 28, 2020

ZDP ansible installer inventory feedback

ZDP ansible installer inventory feedback

  • Variables added primarily for internal purpose should not be exposed to customers(e.g cleanup_zdp_database).

    • can be managed through an internalONLY inventory.

    • most of customer install/upgrade will not be using this

  • Instead of one example inventory, publish inventory references for different deployments

    • singlenode inventory for cdh

    • singlenode inventory for hdp

    • singlenode inventory for emr

    • singlenode inventory for hdinsight

    • multinodeHA inventory for cdh

    • multinodeHA inventory for hdp

    • multinodeHA inventory for emr

    • multinodeHA inventory for hdinsight

    • multinodeHAtransientEMR inventory

    • multinodeHAtransientHDInsight inventory

  • If ansible installer have intelligence to identify hadoop distro type then the number of reference inventory to be published and the number of inventory configuration can be significantly reduced by handling the logic through ansible playbook tasks

Customer Impact Major inconvenience
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  • Guest
    May 28, 2020

    -Xms -Xmx values required to be configured for all ZDP services java process initiated as we noticed in some customer environments if these values are not configured, java process starting with 12G heap memory

  • Guest
    May 28, 2020

    require inventory variables for all ZDP services configurations that are added/suggested to be configured as per customer environment and use case requirements till the ZDP version specific zdp installer with description of each variable in terms of its zdp functionality impact, default values and recommended values to be documented through change log