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Created by Sanjay Yadav
Created on May 14, 2020

Enable Impersonation for Python Action

Customer wants to use impersonation feature made available for Python action. They want to execute hive queries via python scripts, and in their systems they are only allowed to connect to hive via beeline using the users with which they execute the workflows.

Now because in ZDP impersonation has no affect on python action, the script is executed by the ZDP service user and so they are not able to use the python action to execute hive queries.

Below is the their business requirement:

Modeling or reporting teams uses Python libraries/packages to do there model development/testing/execution work. For same they would need to read/write hadoop data from python.

They may read Hadoop data, load it into dataframe and churn data using python action, resulted output would be written back to hadoop from python.

Support Ticket PS-20548
Customer Impact Minor inconvenience
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