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Zaloni Ideas
Status Shipped
Categories Transformations
Created by Ajinkya Rasam
Created on Apr 20, 2020

Transformation: Load: Drag and drop of load entities should be a 1 step process.

User needs to click 3 times before entity other than default selected entity needs to be dragged into load action.

1. Create Transformation

2. Use load action

3. There will 1st one entity selected by default

4. Click and drag 3rd entity in list to "load" action

5. In order to be successful you have to click 3rd entity twice and then drag it.

6. If you try to drag it in first or second click 1st entity is loaded instead of 3rd.

clicking on load action user should be able to click on any entity and drag it to load action.

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Customer Impact Major inconvenience
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