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Zaloni Ideas
Status On the Backlog
Categories Administration
Created by Ajinkya Rasam
Created on Apr 9, 2020

Ability to restart ZDP microservices from UI

Currently only BDCA's and Flume agents can be restarted from UI. We should extend this functionality to rest all zdp services such as mr, spark, executor etc.

E.g: HDFS, Hive, SPARK, YARN can be restarted from Cloudera manager/Ambari UI.

Use case:
Every time ZDP service restart is required a user with sudo access is required. In Nuveen, everytime we need to restart service they need to create IT ticket and get root access for nodes. It takes 1 day to restart a ZDP service.

I understand that this usecase is debatable and could be edge case but more than that we should think about ease of access and user friendliness in product.

Customer Impact Minor inconvenience
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