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Zaloni Ideas
Status On the Backlog
Categories Metadata API
Created by Pooja Killa
Created on Mar 6, 2020

API - Adding new columns to an existing entity with REST api call in a simpler way

We need this feature request to add new columns/fields to an existing entity with REST api call.

We know we can update any information with update/alter entity API call.But we feel that is more complex to get the existing entity payload first and add new columns to that(payload) and update the entity with new fields

As per client - If we know entityid, then we should be able to add new fields (which is in json form as payload) to existing entity through REST call. As of now, we have to fetch whole entity information and edit and resubmit the REST call. But this is specific to adding columns and if possible adding table properties/serde properties

So we require this new request to be able to do this in simpler way

Support Ticket PS-20163
Customer Impact Major inconvenience
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