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Status On the Backlog
Categories Metadata management
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 15, 2019

Ability to create and use hierarchical custom metadata

"Ability to create parent child relationship using new or existing tags/properties and show hierarchical search result"

Allow an admin to create a new custom metadata field/attribute, which can contain one or more values from a pre-defined hierarchy. When defined, this metadata should be used for filtering of global search results and/or artifact lists.

For custom attribute hierarchy, customer is looking into a separate solution to manage the hierarchy (reference data & master data management), so they will push the custom attribute into the ZDP catalog

    1. I suggested that if they could push it in as JSON with all levels of the hierarchy, we can enable searching and filtering on any level

    2. Rather than having a user or admin provide the full hierarchy manually, for UI use, it would be good to pull it from their reference system, once it is online

Customer Impact Minor inconvenience
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