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Status On the Backlog
Categories Lineage
Created by Ajinkya Rasam
Created on Jan 29, 2020

Ability to edit lineage


User is requesting ability to edit lineage graph. E.g: If DQ action is performed 3 times, 3 corresponding nodes will be created in lineage. User needs ability to hide/mask first 2 instances of DQ action. This applies to any other action for which lineage will be created.

Also, the default view of lineage should take user to latest action performed an entity and then user can go back using expand button to track history.

Customer Impact Minor inconvenience
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    Matthew Monahan
    Mar 9, 2020

    A potential solution would be to show the most recent execution action completed within lineage, to represent the same action which has been executed multiple times, and provide the option to expand or see the full list of execution instances.

    It is not necessary to actually edit the lineage records.