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Categories Workflow
Created by Matthew Monahan
Created on Jan 28, 2020

Rich text boxes for shell scripts and similar content should auto-expand

We should design the rich text box, such that, for UI screens where it is expected that the user will type or copy/paste a large block of content, the rich text edit box automatically expands to show all or most of the content.

The box should not expand to the point where it becomes difficult for the user to see or edit other content on the UI screen.

Background from support ticket:

The Text box for "Script Content" in the Shell action is supposed to be used by users to write the bash logic there itself instead of using a separate file. For that to happen, the text box should be made expandable, much like it is in Jira ticket's description box.
The current implementation isn't user-friendly and is forcing the users to use a separate file even for alterations.
Note: If any other action is having the same issue for text box that should be used for writing logic or large test content, please make the change accross all of them.
Support Ticket PS-19568
Customer Impact Minor inconvenience
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