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Created on Nov 27, 2019

ZDP step action OK button hidden from the user in the default edit view of the step action both in Workflow and transformation

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On behalf of Sanjay:

ZDP step action ok button from the user in the default edit view of the step action both in WF and transformation

This gives option for user to miss any updates done to step action in scenarios where user make updates to step but clicks on the X mark shown on the top of the action or click save without clicking on the step action ok button which is not default visible to user in edit mode view of the step action

This also cause User inconvenience due to requirement of dragging the step action all the way down and click on ok to preserve changes done by user to the step action of workflow and transformation

Also would like to know what is the different uses to have both X in the top of the step action and cancel in the end of action when both serve the same purpose

Expected behavior: OK button should be visible to user irrespective of user is looking at the beginning in between or in the end section of the step action details

One of WF step action(hive action)

One of Transformation Action(Load)

Support Ticket PS-18866
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