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Created by Nikhil Goel
Created on Nov 26, 2019

Support for Open jdk for ZDP installation

1. As a Infrastructure architect/Data Lake admin

2. I want (Feature Details):1) ZDP to be able to work with Open jdk.2) ZDP to support latest versions of Oracle jdk.

3. So that (Use case details):1) The customer need not bear the price of using Oracle jdk. 2) ZDP works with the most recent and secured jdk.

4. Acceptance Criteria: (performance expectations security expectation etc..) ZDP uses with the most recent and secured java.

5. Business Justification:************For example:As a Business Analyst/Data Scientist with required access to access Hive table and entityI want to use ZDP to move data from Hive to Snowflake DB on AWSSo that I can perform advanced analytics in a sandbox environmentAcceptance Criteria:Use my AWS keys and/or user credentials to read and write data to SnowflakeInput parameters to tweak runtime resources to get desired performance

Support Ticket PS-18871
Customer Impact Minor inconvenience
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