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Created by Sanjay Yadav
Created on Nov 13, 2019

Easier Decimal datatype mapping in HCATALOG

Currently, we have to map the DECIMAL(x,y) of HDFS DATA TYPE to STRING of HCATALOG DATA TYPE. Everytime value of x & y changes, we have to add a new data type mapping. This is not a feasible way of handling data type mapping between HDFS and HCATALOG.

“Administration > Map Data Types page“

User needs a more easy way where mapping should be defined only once Eg: DECIMAL ---> STRING and it should work for all precision of Decimal i.e. decimal (x,y)

Customer Impact Major inconvenience
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  • Admin
    Matthew Monahan
    Dec 3, 2019

    Request: ability to set a default for DECIMAL(x,y) where there is not already a mapping defined, for example, DECIMAL(6,2), to the specified destination (e.g. STRING)

  • Sanjay Yadav
    Dec 2, 2019

    Hi Mathew, is there a question or clarification for us here ?