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Created on Apr 16, 2019

Ability to display a badge for data that has been certified

TBD whether this prevents a user from accessing the entity or just shows a warning for non-certified entities

Customer Impact Major inconvenience
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    Matthew Monahan
    Jan 9, 2020

    Certifications will be at the entity (table) and/or field (column) level, but not at the attribute (business metadata field) level. Default state is uncertified.

    Automated check: e.g. 20 attributes of business metadata… 10 are defined as required… if all 10 of the required are populated, then the entity should be marked as "certified."

    Manual (data steward): Results of the automated check can be overridden (or confirmed) by manual action.

    • A manual non-certification can not be overridden (certified can be automatically changed to not certified, but not the other way around) by a subsequent automated check.

    • The override can be "canceled" by the data steward, such that a future automated check can change the status.

    Additional quality checks to consider:

    • Validate a specific attribute's value against a list of acceptable values

    • Check if the business name is the same as the technical name (it should be different to pass quality check)