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Status On the Backlog
Categories Transformations
Created by Radhika Kolimi
Created on Oct 4, 2019

Add 'between' condition in transformation filter action

I want (Feature Details):

I want to be able to select 'between' condition to filter column having values between to columns or constant values.

So that (Use case details):

I can add only one rule for a column which takes care of both greater than and less than conditions.

Acceptance Criteria: (performance expectations, security expectation, etc..)

Input values within between should take constant values as well as column aliases.Meaning, I should be able to filter col A if the value of col A is between col B & col C. As well as if the value from col A is between constant values Eg.: 10 and 100 or 10-01-2019 AND 10-12-2019

Business Justification:

It makes sense to have between instead of adding two rules, one for greater than and one for less than.

Support Ticket PS-18883
Customer Impact Major inconvenience
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