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Status On the Backlog
Categories Lineage
Created by Ajinkya Rasam
Created on Aug 9, 2019

Lineage: Default view should show latest activity

1. As a <user persona>| <user role>| <user permissions>

Business user

2. I want (Feature Details):

To see latest activity happened on entity first with an option of 'Expand all' which will give an ability to track lineage back in time.Currently, the design is other way around. By default, it shows first change happened on that entity.

3. So that (Use case details):

It's easier to isolate recent changes first.

4. Acceptance Criteria: (performance expectations, security expectation, etc..)

Should have 'Expand all' button which zooms out entity lineage graph to accomodate all available nodes.Test against atleast entity lineage of atleast 30 nodes.

5. Business Justification:

Users will be interested in knowing recent changes first.

Support Ticket PS-18859
Customer Impact Nice to have
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