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Created by Nikhil Goel
Created on Jul 9, 2019

Assistance with Destination Path in File Pattern

1. As a data miner that isresponsible for bringing data in the the ZDP from a variety of sources, but especially from files,

2. I want the ZDP system to assist me in assuring that the Destination Path specified in the File Pattern matches the Location specified in the Entity that I've associated with the the file pattern as Metadata.

3. So that (Use case details):Several times I have failed to match the destination path with the targeted entity location. When these do not match there is an appearance the data is missing when looking at the Data Preview of the entity. I learned through experience that when the ingestion is successful it does notnecessarily mean the data ingested has been successfully related to the Entity. The ingested data will follow the destination path entered in the file pattern. While I understand that I may not always want these paths to match, in every case that I've considered so far I do want them to match. If I've made the mistake of mismatched paths I can readily fix it, but I'd prefer that the system prompt me to ensure that these two paths are the same. Ideally it would complete the file pattern destination path with the location of the entity and give me the option to accept that default.

4. Acceptance Criteria: (performance expectations, security expectation, etc..)

5. Business Justification:
This would help to avoid errors in defining the file pattern.

Support Ticket PS-18842
Customer Impact Major inconvenience
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