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Categories Dashboards
Created by Nikhil Goel
Created on May 31, 2019

Dashboard Feature request | Adding all available ES indexes to Index file pattern in ZDP 5.1 |

Currently, ZDP adds 4 indexes to index pattern by default viz. metadata, adi, dqparentreport, ingestion and workflow. In addition to these 4, customer wants all indexes to be added to index pattern by default. Indexes like zdp_artifacts, schedule, governance, audit etc. to be present in dashboard index patterns out of the box.

  1. As a Zaloni Developer :

  2. I want (Feature Details): All the dashboard index patterns present in the elastic search to be available in the front end of the zaloni UI.

  3. So that (Use case details): using the available index patterns, we can create dashboard reports for the business users by analyzing the datalake activities and data.

  4. Acceptance Criteria: (performance expectations, security expectation, etc..): Accurate Dashboard reports and validated by the business users

  5. Feature Expected By (Tentative Date/Month): Before end of Q3 (9/15/19)

Support Ticket PS-18820
Customer Impact Major inconvenience
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