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Zaloni Ideas
Created by Mithulesh Kumar Medhi
Created on Oct 25, 2021

Ability to specify connection in File Wizard

Scenario #1:

For AWS GovCloud, it is mandatory to supply the S3 region (or endpoint) to successfully access any S3 buckets.

In an S3 connection, we can easily provide this information, and hence file ingestion using a BDCA agent is possible.

However, cataloging using Arena's File Wizard is a problem. Nowhere we can mention an already existing connection or any such S3 parameters.

Scenario #2:

When an IAM Role to access S3 buckets is not attached to a VM, then all requests to the bucket will require S3 access and secret keys.

This is possible when ingesting a file via BDCA agents. In a BDCA agent we can attach an S3 connection which can hold all the related access details.

But on cataloging using a File Wizard, this becomes a problem. Nowhere we can associate an S3 connection or supply S3 parameters for the file wizard to pick up S3 credentials.

So, a way is required to provide the required S3 details.

Support Ticket PS-33850
Customer Impact Major inconvenience
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