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Status Changed to Defect
Created by Durlov Rajkonwar
Created on May 25, 2021

BDCA count should decrease when a landing zone directory is deleted from Arena UI

We have observed that when we delete a Landing zone directory from Arena UI the BDCA count in Arena does not decrease.

So when the number of landing zone directories created is equal to the count defined against the property dca.limits.hard in file /etc/zdp-ingestion-warden/zdp-ingestion-warden.yml file and after that even if we delete some Landing zone directories and try to create a new Landing zone directory Arena does not allow to create the directory with the exception that BDCA limit is reached.

Only when we restart the zdp-ingestion-warden service we are able to create new landing zone directories.

Customer has requested that Arena should maintain the BDCA count as per the number of Landing zone directories created and removed from Arena without having to restart zdp-ingestion-warden service.

Support Ticket PS-31309
Customer Impact Major inconvenience
    Sep 27, 2021

    Handled as a defect and resolved.

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