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Status On the Backlog
Created by Adi Bandaru
Created on Apr 21, 2021

Ability to restict "Difine Attributes at Entity" level with projects

Current functionality of "Define Attributes" allow us to create extended metadata attributes at ENTITY and FIELD scope. The visibility of these extended attributes are across the platform.

some of the customer use cases focuses on the metadata specific to particular data set cataloged in the arena project. Customer would like to limit any extended attributes created for entities with in project specific rather than visible to across the platform. These extended metadata is not relevant for other entities cataloged in other projects.

This can be achieved using extended business metadata however, there is control to limit focused LOV to be used as key/value pairs.

Provide an approach to enable this for customer using Arena 6.2.x

Possible Solution:

Create Asset type - Entity with custom attributes as template and assign to the project. All entities in that project will have same template to capture additional extended metadata for data set.

Customer Impact Minor inconvenience
    Apr 21, 2021

    We have this feature on our backlog for consideration during future release planning.

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