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Status On the Backlog
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Created by Pragyan Choudhury
Created on Apr 20, 2021

Allow changing zone information in imported entities

When we import an entity, irrespective of the original entity's zone, the imported entity goes to uncategorized zone. Also, changing the value of the zone manually from the UI is not allowed.

This has cause problem while deploying artifacts from one environment to other environment. This is not acceptable by client where they need to development the same artifacts again in the higher environment instead of exporting it from unit tested or UAT approved environment to production environment.

If an artifact is created with zone as RAW in lower environment, importing the artifact again in higher environment should not get changed to uncategorized while importing using Arena Import/Export Feature.

This is a highly important requirement for the client.

Business Impact -

Deployment won't work in higher environment.

Client will end up creating entities in every environment.

Delay in complete project timeline (Immediate impact on R&D Project).

Support Ticket PS-30736
Customer Impact Major inconvenience
    Apr 21, 2021

    We have this feature on our backlog for consideration during future release planning.

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