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Status Will not implement
Categories Connections
Created by Vignesh Kumar
Created on Apr 19, 2021

Enhancement request for accommodating AD integrated MS SQLSERVER connections.

There are a set of use cases from a customer where they are trying to connect to a MS SQL server which is AD integrated with windows authentication for which they would need an enhancement request.

Further details related to what I could deduce from their workflow was:

1. When we are defining a connection in ZDP 5.2.3, the server that it is connecting to, is AD integrated. So the user that we include in the username and password is an AD account that exists at the SQLSERVER’s end.

2. We tried adding integratedSecurity=true to the jdbc url jdbc:sqlserver://*********:26481;databaseName=UMA; integratedSecurity=true

3. Point 3 failed as it db server connection is windows authentication based. ( Saw this when I told customer to connect to the db client manually )

4. Further we would need to test whether the connection can be kerberized as that was a workaround suggested.

Support Ticket
Customer Impact Major inconvenience
    Apr 21, 2021

    We do not have plans to implement this Idea.

    The Arena platform currently supports Kerberos as the standard authentication method for this use case. There may be some alternate technologies available which a customer can implement on their own, to provide authentication between the Linux environment and Active Directory, but those should not require any Arena platform changes to implement.

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