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Created by Ajinkya Rasam
Created on Mar 30, 2021

Changing Entity name in DQ should create new entity

As a business user, when I change entity name in DQ action, I expect DQ action to create new hive table and entity with new name.


Source Entity: rpt_product_cdcc

Good entity: rpt_product_cdcc_Good_data

Bad Entity: rpt_product_cdcc_Bad_data

WF: rpt_product_cdcc_DQ

Change entity names in workflow:

WF: rpt_product_cdcc_DQ

  • Good data entity name: rpt_product_cdcc_Good_data_new

  • Good data entity name: rpt_product_cdcc_Bad_data_new

This should create new entities

rpt_product_cdcc_Good_data_new and rpt_product_cdcc_Bad_data_new


Warning: If Good Data Entity, Bad Data Entity, and Report Entity are already created, the system uses only those values that you updated through the Catalog UI, even though the Target Entity Name, Target Schema, Zones, and <Bad Data/Good Data/Report> file path fields are editable.

Support Ticket PS-30278
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