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Created by Kaushik Talukdar
Created on Mar 3, 2021

Addition of Modified by and modified date column in the file pattern listing

Quoting the client:

Unlike other artifacts such as entities and workflows, filepatterns do not have modified by/modified date columns appearing in the List. This is causing a lot of problem identifying what and when a change has happened on a filepattern. Causing file ingestion failure/ post ingestion WF not getting triggered, etc.

Please add these two fields in the list

Support Ticket PS-29868
Customer Impact Minor inconvenience
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  • Vanishree Bhat
    Mar 3, 2021

    Along with 'modified by' and 'modified date', if 'Raw entity' associated with the file pattern could also be shown in the list view, that would really help, because, when there are same file patterns defined with different LZ and raw entity, there should be a way to easily distingusih them in the list view mode.