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Categories Metadata
Created by Mrinmoy Jyoti Kaushik
Created on Dec 8, 2020

Support for creating parquet entity using sample data file upload

There should be a way to create parquet entities by uploading a sample csv data file. Currently, KPMG client was doing the following to create the fields of a parquet entity using a sample data file in csv format

  1. Click on Create New Entity

  2. Fill all the values and set the entity type a Delimited

  3. Upload a sample data file with all the fields that are required for the parquet entity to have

  4. Once the file is uploaded and the fields are created, change the Entity Type to Parquet

  5. When we go to the Fields page, the Parquet entity fields are shown as expect.

  6. Finally, save the entity as parquet

  7. This method has been working for the client for sometime untill they faced some problem with special characters in the file header

The requirement is to officially support the ceation of the Parquet Entity fields using a sampe datafile. As per doc, it supports Avro, Json, Delimited, VSAM or XML for now

Support Ticket PS-21807
Customer Impact Minor inconvenience
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