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Status On the Backlog
Created by Hiranya Deva Sarmah
Created on Sep 22, 2020

All definition files and Configuration files should be uploadable from UI

Since the Arena is a Product not only meant for Developers, but also for business users and Data scientists and users as such who will not have access to the backend, when they need to execute Workflows with changes in the Configuration, they should be able to make the changes from the UI itself.

Any definition files required for the Execution of the Workflows, i.e. let us assume that they need to provide definitions of certain artifacts to the Workflow so that the Workflow registers the artifacts to the Arena instance, then the file containing the definitions of the Artifacts should be feedable from the UI interface rather than having to define it in the backend, node or pod.

In the Context of this customer, they wish to register Assets, definitions of which are provided as CSV files. These files are defined in the backend, hence any new Asset definitino that needs to be added, or existing Assets that need to be edited, requires the user to have a backend access. In customer's case, this will not happen. Hence they wish that these changes should be configurable from the UI itself.

Customer Impact Showstopper
    Apr 20, 2021

    We have this feature on our backlog for consideration during future release planning.

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