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Created by Vishakha Agarwal
Created on Sep 14, 2020

Schedule job not runnning when Impersonation is ON

Workflow Schedule job not running -

Reason : The user who created the Schedule is validated during Workflow trigger , only when Impersonation is ON from ZDP . This validation is done by ZDP internally to check if the user has permission to impersonate as other user i.e. ExecuteBy / RunAsUser . Hence, the schedules are user-dependent .

In case of on-demand execution, the validation is done based on loggedIn User , i.e, the user which is logged in to ZDP while triggering the workflow.

In case of Workflow Schedules, the CreatedBY user is considered as loggedIn user . The same can be checked from Mysql table “SCHEDULE_DETAILS” , field “REQUESTED_BY”

Hence, we get an error saying "User doesnot exist" .

Question from client -

Workflow Schedules should not be depend on CreatedBy User .Please consider scenario when user left organization .Then this case CreatedBy user will not be available . Multiple user left organization at different time interval ,we cannot keep track of all this user and corresponding schedule to do changes.

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