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Ability to clone connections

It would be nice to have connection clone option in ZDP. Currently, if user needs to create a similar connection to an existing on, he/she has to edit, rename and save.
Ajinkya Rasam almost 3 years ago in Connections 0 On the Backlog

Arena 6.1 | UI | Help icon is unavailable when workflow action is opened

Untill ZDP a user could have clicked help icon after opening any workflow action and he/she would be taken to help page for that particular action. Starting Arena, the help icon gets hidden behind the workflow action window. This restricts users t...
Ajinkya Rasam almost 2 years ago in Administration 0 On the Backlog

Disallow access to public project

Customer asked if it was possible to disable access to public project for few users so that the public project does not show up in the dropdown list for those users who do not have access to public project.
Faisal Zafar almost 2 years ago in Administration 0 Future consideration

Set a default project for a user or group of users

Typically when the user logs in by default they are in the public project. Customer asked as question if it was possible to set a default project for a user or set of users so that when the user logs in they do not need to switch the project.
Faisal Zafar almost 2 years ago in Administration 0 On the Backlog

Enable user authentication on Elasticsearch

Many a times ZDP admins need to run curl commands to query elastic search apis. It could be for debugging issues or for using elasticsearch scripts to perform disaster recovery activity. We have request from customer to add user authentication usi...
Ajinkya Rasam over 2 years ago in Administration 0 Will not implement

Catalog BI applications

Ability to catalog BI application dashboards, reports, visualizations, metrics, attribute dimensions and provide end to end data lineage from ultimate source. BI Applications: Qlik Sense, Business Objects, tableau, etc
Adi Bandaru over 2 years ago in Catalog / Connections / Custom Metadata / Global Search / Lineage / Metadata 0 On the Backlog

Should have separate permission under project roles for Workflow schedules

As of now, Workflow Schedule is attached with "execute workflow" permission under project role. We should have a separate permission only for "schedule" so that we can block users from scheduling but, can execute workflows.
Jeet Medhi over 2 years ago in Administration 0 On the Backlog

Easy on-boarding of users for catalog only use

As an administrator of new data platform, I want the ability to easily on-board AD users or have a strategy to expose data catalog with limited functionality to new users, so that the users to explore the data catalog and request for more access
Nikhil Goel almost 3 years ago in Administration / Catalog 0 On the Backlog

Connection creation/access/usage on project level

Ability to create a connection at project level. That means it should be only available, visible and usable for that project and it's assigned users only. This connection should not be usable outside of the project boundaries and users
Nikhil Goel about 3 years ago in Connections 0 On the Backlog

Service monitor email alert enhancement

Add better detail around the services monitor email alerts. Type of service, host where service is running, etc. As much detail as possible. current alert: ---------------- notification for service down ** You have received this email from the ZDP...
Nikhil Goel over 3 years ago in Administration / Notifications 0 On the Backlog