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Enable data profiling on Hive Views from profile of underlying Tables

Enable data profiling on views in Zaloni via linking with table instead of physically creating data profiling From customer: Views should not have their own profiling but profile information should come from the original table profiled from where ...
Sanjay Yadav almost 3 years ago in Profiling 1 On the Backlog

Need ability to have automated schema mapping of data being ingested

PS has implemented a mechanism of schema mapping of the data being ingested. This allows columns to be not fixed within a data-file and it gets assigned to the right position within the Hive table at run-time. It uses column-headers to determine t...
Gaurav Chakravarti almost 3 years ago in Data Ingestion 0 Future consideration

Assistance with Destination Path in File Pattern

1. As a data miner that isresponsible for bringing data in the the ZDP from a variety of sources, but especially from files, 2. I want the ZDP system to assist me in assuring that the Destination Path specified in the File Pattern matches the Loca...
Nikhil Goel about 3 years ago in Data Ingestion / Metadata 0 On the Backlog

Metadata Sync from Hive metastore

Today if the customer has to sync the metadata from Hcatalog/Hive, they have run hive inventory action (which is sub-optimal in performance) per schema. Request is to be able to automatically scan hcatalog and catalog the changes/new tables.
Nikhil Goel about 3 years ago in Catalog / Discovery 2 On the Backlog

DB import considers table name as case sensitive although sqoop import is table name case insensitive

DbImport: Teradata is case insensitive therefore tableA or TABLEA are same. In Zaloni would show success but entity won’t be created. Logs would say table not found
Nikhil Goel about 3 years ago in Data Ingestion / Workflow 0 On the Backlog

With reference to 9154: Teradata char /varchar changed to string by default in hive using db import

DB Import action is being used for importing tables from Teradata. Sqoop, which is the internal implementation of DB Import action, converts the datatype VARCHAR to the corresponding Hive type STRING and hence the corresponding ZDP entity field is...
Nikhil Goel about 3 years ago in Data Ingestion / Metadata 0 Changed to Defect

Ability to start BDCA agents without Ingestion Warden

Starting BDCA agents from warden or another process poses a problem with switching to a user who is intended to own the BDCA process.
Nikhil Goel over 3 years ago in Data Ingestion 0 Future consideration

CDC for DBImport

No description provided
Nikhil Goel over 3 years ago in Data Ingestion 1 Future consideration

Start BDCA agent directly with service id

Customer wants to remove the middle man (eg. ingestion warden) in way that BDCA agents can be spawned directly on landing zone server and joins the ingestion cluster. File patterns and other ingestion definition etc. can be further defined by the ...
Nikhil Goel over 3 years ago in Data Ingestion 0 Future consideration

Should be able to run Data Profiling as next step directly after ADI

customer is trying to run DP after ADI which they are unable to do in a single workflow. We currently do not have any provision to read the content of the "[STEP-NAME]_DI_FILE_WITH_REGISTERED_ENTITIES" file generated via ADI directly in the Data p...
Nikhil Goel over 3 years ago in Discovery / Profiling / Workflow 0 On the Backlog