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RBAC on Data Preview for RDBMS Catalog Entities [via Connection]

Sunilam Chakraborty almost 2 years ago in Catalog / Metadata 0 Already exists

Ability to edit WF schedule recurrence/time

Hi, With the current implementation an user can only edit log level, namespace params and execute as user fields in a workflow schedule. This request is to extend this editing capability such that an user can also edit the schedule time and the re...
Ajinkya Rasam almost 2 years ago in Metadata workflow 0 On the Backlog

All definition files and Configuration files should be uploadable from UI

Since the Arena is a Product not only meant for Developers, but also for business users and Data scientists and users as such who will not have access to the backend, when they need to execute Workflows with changes in the Configuration, they shou...
Hiranya Deva Sarmah almost 2 years ago in Metadata management / Metadata workflow / User Interface / Workflow 0 On the Backlog

Soft delete of entities

Customer wants the Assets to be able to be deleted Softly.. Upon soft delete, the Asset should be hidden from Search results. This is to ensure that any deletion on the source system only marks an asset for removal from search results instead of t...
Meghali Nandi almost 2 years ago in Metadata 0 On the Backlog

Globalsearch API should return same date format for all artifacts

Hi, Currently, the date formats returned by globalsearch api are in different formats. Eg: MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS MM-DD-YYYY HH:MM:SS The format changes with artifact types, meaning METADATA artifact uses MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS and dataQuality artifact ...
Ajinkya Rasam about 2 years ago in Metadata API 0 On the Backlog

Identify hadoop resource consumption by each zdp/arena workflow step

Hi, As we know that most of the hive queries/mapreduce jobs that are triggers either from any BI tool / ZDP or Arena spawn an yarn job in hadoop ecosystem whose information can be retrieved using yarn API.And once we get the yarn job details we ca...
Shyam Sundar Baishya about 2 years ago in Dashboards / Lineage / Workflow 0 Future consideration

Data profiling support for ZDP Entity with hive table on top of HBase table

We created a ZDP Entity on top of an HBase table (By specifying the storage handler as HBase). The data preview on this entity is working as expected. We tried to execute profiling on the same entity. Though the workflows succeeded the profiling d...
Mithulesh Kumar Medhi about 2 years ago in Metadata / Profiling 0 On the Backlog

enable sort on all columns in tabular view across the platform

enable sort on all columns in tabular view across the platform For additional info please refer to Sort on shared artifact( column 2 which is after business name) for entity view is not working though ha...
Raja Adabala over 2 years ago in Catalog / Metadata API 0 On the Backlog

Mechanism of providing Workflow "Execute As" user's ZDP login session to Custom Utilities (BMD, SFDC etc.) for making ZDP Rest Calls

Sunilam Chakraborty over 2 years ago in Metadata / Metadata management / Workflow 0 On the Backlog

Support for AWS Lake Formation (Glue) security policies

Today we rely on ranger to define security policies on S3 data, ask is to support lake formation (glue) to define security policies so that the policies are persistent and are enforced across different tools (Athena, Quicksight etc.)
Nikhil Goel over 2 years ago in Data Security 1 On the Backlog