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Integration with advanced search tools

Look into Azure Cognitive Search to see what options are available for integration, thus enabling fuzzy search (which we do not plan to provide as part of Arena’s search capability)
Matthew Monahan 3 months ago in Global Search 0 Future consideration

Rearrangement of fields within Entities

The rearrangement feature of fields within Entities needs to be changed such that fields can be directly dragged and dropped in between other fields in all the pages fields exist - not just the first page.The current mechanism allows fields to be ...
Debaraj Barpujari 3 months ago in Catalog 0 Already exists

Improve the connection selection UI component

When selection a connection in DB import, it currently is a free text selection with matching options showing up after typing the first letter (autocomplete). Would be much easier as a drop down.
Cody Rich 3 months ago in Workflow / Catalog 0 On the Backlog

Display column results in GS

As a business user, I need an ability to quickly search for entities which has a specific column/field in it. It can be achieved from globalsearch but to see the exact column name I have to open entity one by one. It would be great if the results ...
Ajinkya Rasam 3 months ago in Global Search 0 Future consideration

Arena reporting number of errors and warnings via mail on weekly basis

An automation has been suggested which can read the logs on a weekly basis, find out the number of errors and warnings, also flag them as critical or minor basis of severity, and then send a mail to the user regarding the same.
Pragyan Choudhury 3 months ago in Administration 0 Will not implement

Need truncate option for DBProvisioning

Migrated from TeamSupportI want (Feature Details):To have truncate and load option for RDBMS data provisioning.Option to delete rows with some where clause or SQL statementOption for user to pass an DDL for table to be created before the actual da...
Guest over 1 year ago in  0 On the Roadmap

Service monitor to show all the services in the UI directly

Quoting BAC clientIn zaloni UI services monitor page, we are not able to see status of all micro services. logstatsh, ES, activemq etc are missing in the services monitor page. we would like to enable notification for services health but due to un...
Kaushik Talukdar 7 months ago in  0 On the Backlog

Arena 6 UI feature suggestions

* When project selection is clicked the cursor can go to search so that user can easily start searching and might be able to navigate with arrow keys and select the result by enter key as an easy option along side current mouse click PLAT-E-107&g...
Raja Adabala about 1 year ago in  2

Ability to parse multi level complex json file in ZDP

Current json serde unable to parse multi level json. can we add openx serde which is available as open source. details: open source link : files link:
Adi Bandaru almost 2 years ago in Data Ingestion / Catalog 0 On the Backlog

Too many GetObject REST API calls from Bedrock/ZDP for S3 buckets hosting data

Too many GetObject REST API calls from Bedrock/ZDP for S3 buckets hosting dataAs per existing BEDROCK 4.4.1 design each bedrock file ingestion agent with default configuration submits 2 rest api calls for s3 during file polling every secondZ suppo...
Guest about 1 year ago in  3 Changed to Defect