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Search Tables in Database Ingest Wizard ';Select Tables'; View

Migrated from TeamSupport I am looking to import ma_tmp table and I have to scroll through all the tables to find it. We need to search tables in Database Ingest Wizard Select Tables View.See attached screenshotsWe are expecting a feature similar ...
Guest over 2 years ago in  0 Shipped

Moving the Select By Fields

In Transformations for Aggregation action User should be able to move the fields selected in the SelectBY up and down as we can do with the GroupBY action
Jwalitha Challagulla over 2 years ago in  0 Shipped

Improve usability and performance when viewing entities with large number of columns

Migrated from TeamSupport Based on the screen share session with Raja in customer environment only few of the columns are visible in data preview out of the available 1000+ columns in a table.We also checked the network tab (inspect window) and ev...
Guest over 2 years ago in  0 Shipped

ZDP step action OK button hidden from the user in the default edit view of the step action both in Workflow and transformation

Migrated from TeamSupport On behalf of Sanjay: ZDP step action ok button from the user in the default edit view of the step action both in WF and transformation This gives option for user to miss any updates done to step action in scenarios where ...
Guest over 2 years ago in  0 Shipped

Provision in Fixed Length Format

Provision in fixed length when extracting remote server
Nikhil Goel almost 3 years ago in  0 Shipped

No Impersonation in ingestion

No impersonation on the Hadoop side/BDCA runs with provided keytab Customer does not expect any changes to current impersonation configuration in Hadoop as a result of the enhancements requested We do not want the ability for the runAs user (Appli...
Sabyasachi Gupta almost 3 years ago in Data Ingestion 2 Shipped

Need ability to pick a few workflows and chain run them

Currently this is only possible by making a permanent change to workflows by calling other workflows at the very end as sub-workflows. That is not being asked here. What is needed is ability to select workflows from the list and simply say run the...
Gaurav Chakravarti about 3 years ago in Workflow 1 Shipped

Find function in field display

1. As a <user persona>| <user role>| <user permissions> Business user 2. I want (Feature Details): a built in “Find” function now with pagination on field display. Customer used to use the browser Find feature but no longer possi...
Nikhil Goel about 3 years ago in Metadata / User Interface 0 Shipped

Lineage Not Displaying Complete Entity name

Lineage Not Displaying Complete Entity name Sample Project Name: EVT_metadata Sample Entity Name: vthor_anlys_plt_ev_dtl_1810 Sample Entity ID: 3012 Screen Shot: The first 2 characters of the entity is missing in the below screen shot
Nikhil Goel over 3 years ago in Lineage / User Interface 0 Shipped

Enable a data source access request workflow

Provide a means for a user to request access to a data source (to have credentials issued by the DB/system owner). This feature may require a "Data Owner" metadata attribute that can be used to automate where to route the request. [Note - original...
Matthew Monahan over 3 years ago in Workflow 0 Shipped