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Ability to define customer metadata (Key:value) fields at Entity and Column level

As a business user, I should be able to define customer metadata (Key:value) fields at Entity and Column level and some of which can also be made hidden from general users and only viewable to certail groups
Faisal Zafar over 3 years ago in  0 Shipped

Ingest SAS data set via SAS7BTDAT file

Can we access a SAS Data Set from within Zaloni
Guest over 3 years ago in Data Ingestion 0 Shipped

Support custom artifacts with relationships and lineage connected to Entities

"Ability to create lineage for reports and models (In cases where data is extracted for analytic & reporting use cases, Data is provisioned from “authorized” systems i.e. Teradata, SAS, SQL Server, Tableau, MicroStrategy) with system managed l...
Guest over 3 years ago in Custom Metadata 0 Shipped

Data Owner and SME metadata fields

Ability to define metadata for the following: Data Owner Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Guest over 3 years ago in Custom Metadata / Metadata management 0 Shipped

Globalsearch view settings should be managed outside system configuration

Hi, In ZDP 5.2.x we added global display settings feature under administration settings. User needs to have Manage System Configurations permissions in order to change these settings. The request is to add a new permission level under administrati...
Ajinkya Rasam about 2 years ago in Administration 0 Shipped

Allow configuration of a custom entity type

Allow the creation of Custom Entity Type e.g. Artifact or Asset or Document. Which can have its own custom metadata. Also allow relationships between entities so one entity can be related to another.
Faisal Zafar about 2 years ago in Metadata 0 Shipped

Transformation: Load: Drag and drop of load entities should be a 1 step process.

User needs to click 3 times before entity other than default selected entity needs to be dragged into load action. 1. Create Transformation 2. Use load action 3. There will 1st one entity selected by default 4. Click and drag 3rd entity in list to...
Ajinkya Rasam over 2 years ago in Transformations 0 Shipped

Publish Rest API for querying ES index 'audit'

Bank wants to integrate the zaloni Audit trail features with BAC alerting system. Since Audit details are stored on ES index audit and Currently, Zaloni doesn't have any published API’s for querying this index, Bank is requesting for publishing an...
Rashmi Choudhury over 2 years ago in Audit 1 Shipped

Enhancement in the Filter option in ZDP workflow completed page and running page

Current in the workflow monitor page, the filter options expands automatically each time we press the refresh button and the main page shrinks because of this. The filter option should come only once at the beginning and it should disappear once t...
Meghali Nandi over 2 years ago in Workflow 0 Shipped

Rich text boxes for shell scripts and similar content should auto-expand

We should design the rich text box, such that, for UI screens where it is expected that the user will type or copy/paste a large block of content, the rich text edit box automatically expands to show all or most of the content. The box should not ...
Matthew Monahan over 2 years ago in Workflow 0 Shipped