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Enhancement for appearance of workflow in "Monitor" page

In the "Monitor" (Running|Queued|Completed) page all the executed workflow appears altogether and to see only the workflow from the current project, we have to filter it out by clicking on the current project checkbox present in filter section. Ot...
Vivek Kr Mishra over 1 year ago in  0 On the Backlog

Dashboard Feature | Option to share the dashboard outside from Arena application

Arena Dashboard feature :We have an bussiness requirement to share the Kibana Dashboard outside from the Arena along with the Graphical representation. The option should include- Download the Entire dashboard.
Vishakha Agarwal 5 months ago in Dashboards 0

Ability to edit WF schedule recurrence/time

Hi,With the current implementation an user can only edit log level, namespace params and execute as user fields in a workflow schedule. This request is to extend this editing capability such that an user can also edit the schedule time and the rec...
Ajinkya Rasam about 1 year ago in Metadata workflow 0 On the Backlog

Enhance the logging for hive action to have enough logs to debug hadoop issues

Enhance the logging for hive action to have enough logs to debug hadoop issues and avoid requests to CRRWe have seen several customer issues where we could not efficiently debug z solutions and env issue due to insufficient log infoWhen hive execu...
Raja Adabala over 1 year ago in  0 On the Backlog

Action to export to Hbase

In current ZDP version, we do not have the support in the workflow nor in the provisioning to export the data to HBASE. Customer requires a workflow action to export to HBase by ZDP. During Phase 0, the application team has build the custom code t...
Mary Das over 1 year ago in Provision / Workflow 1 Will not implement

Stop background process when we stop workflow

At this time if we have to stop a workflow we still have to manually kill a running step from Linux and then possibly change some values in Bedrock MySQL database. We don't see it as a good approach of stopping a process started by Bedrock. We sti...
Mrinmoy Jyoti Kaushik over 1 year ago in Workflow 1 On the Roadmap

Need truncate option for DBProvisioning

Migrated from TeamSupportI want (Feature Details):To have truncate and load option for RDBMS data provisioning.Option to delete rows with some where clause or SQL statementOption for user to pass an DDL for table to be created before the actual da...
Guest almost 2 years ago in  0 On the Backlog

Ability to parse multi level complex json file in ZDP

Current json serde unable to parse multi level json. can we add openx serde which is available as open source. details: open source link : files link:
Adi Bandaru about 2 years ago in Data Ingestion / Catalog 0 On the Backlog

Need ability to have automated schema mapping of data being ingested

PS has implemented a mechanism of schema mapping of the data being ingested. This allows columns to be not fixed within a data-file and it gets assigned to the right position within the Hive table at run-time. It uses column-headers to determine t...
Gaurav Chakravarti about 2 years ago in Data Ingestion 0 Future consideration

Ability to provision out to Kafka

"Ability to publish into KAFKA from Hadoop using Zaloni"
Guest over 2 years ago in Provision 1 On the Backlog