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Data Profiling on Views

ZDP should be able to profile views as well.This was initially raised as a bug under ""
Jeet Medhi almost 2 years ago in Metadata 0 On the Backlog

Need ability to support Hadoop Example jars in Custom MR actions

No description provided
Ujjal Sharmah 8 months ago in Workflow 0 Future consideration

Data profiling support for ZDP Entity with hive table on top of HBase table

We created a ZDP Entity on top of an HBase table (By specifying the storage handler as HBase). The data preview on this entity is working as expected. We tried to execute profiling on the same entity. Though the workflows succeeded the profiling d...
Mithulesh Kumar Medhi over 1 year ago in Profiling / Metadata 0 On the Backlog

Segregate UI functions into separate edge nodes for individual scaling

We want to segregate UI functions e.g catalog related including search etcto be not impacted due to heavy volume of workflow and api executionsrelated to same. I know everything is via api and some of the api’s arecommon which gets used via UI as ...
Sanjay Yadav over 1 year ago in  0 On the Backlog

utf8 Support for ZDP MySQL/MariaDB Database

Currently ZDP MySQL/MariaDB database supports latin1 character set. If we create the database with utf8 character set (as below), some of the intermediate tables/procedures failed to create.CREATE DATABASE zdp_core CHARACTER SET = 'utf8' COLLATE =...
Mithulesh Kumar Medhi over 1 year ago in Administration 0 On the Backlog

new api to delete/update specific Business property in entity

BAC has made a request to provide a rest api to update/delete a specific Business Property in Entity Business information.As of now, we have unexposed apis to update the Business Properties, but that api updates the entire entity and all business ...
Mrinmoy Jyoti Kaushik 8 months ago in Metadata API 0 On the Roadmap

Checkbox to select tables for DBImport

In DBImport we have to use include=<pattern> to do selective import. It's useful if we have a certain pattern in table but it's not possible if user have 10 tables with all different names.We should provide a checkbox option to select tables...
Ajinkya Rasam over 1 year ago in Workflow 0 On the Backlog

Selectable column in data catalog

Write now the data catalog is not customizable. Every one sees the same column. If there is a select option on the field level like what fields needs to be displayed when an individual logs in that would be helpful.
Omar Chowdhury over 1 year ago in  0 On the Roadmap

Custom update in the assets by the user

While performing the updates in an asset, the custom updates doen by the users in the assets should be taken careoff and should not be overriden by the subsequent refresh.
Mary Das 8 months ago in Catalog 0 Will not implement

Single API for bulk asset registration

Single API for the bulk asset registration that can be called from customer's integration tool like Snaplogic, etc. The custom update by the user should be taken care of while doing bulk update.
Mary Das 8 months ago in Catalog 0 On the Backlog