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Ability configure default filters in globalsearch

Hi,As a business user, I would like to have default filters set when I perform a global search. Currently, the default filters are project and type. However, I would require to have assets as default filter. assets is just an example, users might ...
Ajinkya Rasam about 1 year ago in Global Search 0 Will not implement

Bundle JAVA along with Arena packages

Hi,We have a request to bundle Arena compatible java jdk along with Arena rpms. This is required because we have seen issues in the past when we upgraded the JAVA version to the latest 1.8.x
Ajinkya Rasam 6 months ago in  1 Will not implement

Reset filters button in Globalsearch

It's cumbersome to deselect each individual filter once a user has drilled to 4-5 levels in globalsearch filter. It would be good to have a reset filter button in order deselect all the filters at once.
Ajinkya Rasam about 1 year ago in Global Search 0 On the Roadmap

make the status of workflows in RUNNING “Failed” in case of Communication Link Failure

In case there is a communication link failure due to disconnection from mysql database, the workflows remain in the RUNNING state even thought the workflow actually fails at backend.There should be a mechanism to mark these as FAILED in sucs a sce...
Mrinmoy Jyoti Kaushik about 1 year ago in Workflow 0 On the Backlog

adding tags to Ranger from JSON file

I was exploring the option for the Tag based policy to limit number ofsecurity components. As per following reference link, Ranger tag-sync cantake metadata from three sources (Atlas/API and JSON file).Could you please explore viability of the *ad...
Nilesh Saratkar about 1 year ago in  0 Customer follow-up

DQ path input text box incosistency

Hi,In Arena we can input Good, bad and report entity data path. If a user clicks Entity name text box after entering a custom value in entity path text box then the value in entity path text box is reset to /target schema/entity nameThis behavior ...
Ajinkya Rasam 6 months ago in Data Quality 0

Support for AWS Lake Formation (Glue) security policies

Today we rely on ranger to define security policies on S3 data, ask is to support lake formation (glue) to define security policies so that the policies are persistent and are enforced across different tools (Athena, Quicksight etc.)
Nikhil Goel over 1 year ago in Data Security 1 On the Backlog

Schedule job not runnning when Impersonation is ON

Workflow Schedule job not running -Reason : The user who created the Schedule is validated during Workflow trigger , only when Impersonation is ON from ZDP . This validation is done by ZDP internally to check if the user has permission to imperson...
Vishakha Agarwal about 1 year ago in Workflow 0 Future consideration

API - Adding new columns to an existing entity with REST api call in a simpler way

We need this feature request to add new columns/fields to an existing entity with REST api call.We know we can update any information with update/alter entity API call.But we feel that is more complex to get the existing entity payload first and a...
Pooja Killa over 1 year ago in Metadata API 0 On the Backlog

HSTS support for Arena

Arena should support HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) response headerThis would allowed clients only access the server over an encrypted HTTPS connection and never get downgraded to an unencrypted HTTP connectionThis would be an added layer o...
Mrinmoy Jyoti Kaushik 6 months ago in Data Security 0 On the Backlog