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Ability to specify connection in File Wizard

Scenario #1: For AWS GovCloud, it is mandatory to supply the S3 region (or endpoint) to successfully access any S3 buckets. In an S3 connection, we can easily provide this information, and hence file ingestion using a BDCA agent is possible. Howev...
Mithulesh Kumar Medhi 8 months ago in Data Ingestion / Catalog / User Interface 0

Calculate uniqueness inter and intra cluster records to measure the correctness of DME output

As with the Spark v 2.3.0 or later version, has a API which can calculate measure of Clustering Prediction Score - It will nice to integrate this in our DME plugin as a confidence scoring model out of box. More details about the Spark API : https:...
Jitul Nath about 2 years ago in Data Quality 0 On the Backlog

Ability to parse multi level complex json file in ZDP

Current json serde unable to parse multi level json. can we add openx serde which is available as open source. details: open source link : jar files link:
Adi Bandaru over 2 years ago in Data Ingestion / Catalog 0 On the Backlog

Need ability to have automated schema mapping of data being ingested

PS has implemented a mechanism of schema mapping of the data being ingested. This allows columns to be not fixed within a data-file and it gets assigned to the right position within the Hive table at run-time. It uses column-headers to determine t...
Gaurav Chakravarti almost 3 years ago in Data Ingestion 0 Future consideration

Provide ability to comment and crowdsource business information on ZDP entities/fields.

Business user/Data Stewards would like to collaborate and share their comments and findings on the data sets. They would like review these comments before underlying data can be provisioned to downstream systems. Provide ability to capture user fe...
Adi Bandaru over 2 years ago in Metadata / Global Search / Catalog / Discovery / Provision 0 On the Backlog

Display ingestion history for db wizard, db import created entities in entity view ingestion history tab when Display is 'Ingested File Size Per Day'

Display ingestion history for db wizard, db import created entities in entity view ingestion history tab when Display is 'Ingested File Size Per Day' Current behavior: The 'Ingested File Size Per Day' is shown only for entities associated with fil...
Sanjay Yadav over 2 years ago in Data Ingestion / Catalog / Metadata 0 On the Backlog

Ability to auto tag entities based on the vocabulary/business glossary

Adding labels to the entity is tedious and time consuming effort. provide capability to auto tag based on the business glossary. or by referring business vocabulary. some of the competitors are leveraging modified Maui - Multi-purpose automatic to...
Adi Bandaru over 2 years ago in Metadata / Catalog / Profiling / Data Classification 0 On the Backlog

Enable data profiling on Hive Views from profile of underlying Tables

Enable data profiling on views in Zaloni via linking with table instead of physically creating data profiling From customer: Views should not have their own profiling but profile information should come from the original table profiled from where ...
Sanjay Yadav almost 3 years ago in Profiling 1 On the Backlog

Ability to ingest VSAM data

VSAM format - Ability to process any VSAM format based on configuration
Guest 9 months ago in Data Ingestion 0 Will not implement

Ingest History - File Row Count

Customer would like to have details on rows counts ingested from files. Today, ZDP 5.0.2 displays the File Size per Day and File Count per Day. User would like to validate that these match in both a visual and cumulative report. Suggestion: Provid...
Deleted User about 3 years ago in Data Ingestion 0 On the Backlog