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Enhance Arena scheduler to manage the increasingly complex workflows and dependencies

Please look at Apache Airflow, which is an open-source workflow management platform. It allowed to programmatically author and schedule workflows and monitor them via built-in Airflow user interface. We need similar functionality in Arena or integ...
Navin Sharma about 2 years ago in Workflow 0 Shipped

Enable Impersonation for Python Action

Customer wants to use impersonation feature made available for Python action. They want to execute hive queries via python scripts, and in their systems they are only allowed to connect to hive via beeline using the users with which they execute t...
Sanjay Yadav about 2 years ago in Workflow 0 Shipped

Transformation: Load: Drag and drop of load entities should be a 1 step process.

User needs to click 3 times before entity other than default selected entity needs to be dragged into load action. 1. Create Transformation 2. Use load action 3. There will 1st one entity selected by default 4. Click and drag 3rd entity in list to...
Ajinkya Rasam over 2 years ago in Transformations 0 Shipped

Enhancement in the Filter option in ZDP workflow completed page and running page

Current in the workflow monitor page, the filter options expands automatically each time we press the refresh button and the main page shrinks because of this. The filter option should come only once at the beginning and it should disappear once t...
Meghali Nandi over 2 years ago in Workflow 0 Shipped

Rich text boxes for shell scripts and similar content should auto-expand

We should design the rich text box, such that, for UI screens where it is expected that the user will type or copy/paste a large block of content, the rich text edit box automatically expands to show all or most of the content. The box should not ...
Matthew Monahan over 2 years ago in Workflow 0 Shipped

Ability to pass connection name while using DB import as namespace variable in Workflow

Ability to pass connection name while using DB import as namespace variable in Workflow
Nikhil Goel almost 3 years ago in Workflow 0 Shipped

Need ability to pick a few workflows and chain run them

Currently this is only possible by making a permanent change to workflows by calling other workflows at the very end as sub-workflows. That is not being asked here. What is needed is ability to select workflows from the list and simply say run the...
Gaurav Chakravarti about 3 years ago in Workflow 1 Shipped

Enable a data source access request workflow

Provide a means for a user to request access to a data source (to have credentials issued by the DB/system owner). This feature may require a "Data Owner" metadata attribute that can be used to automate where to route the request. [Note - original...
Matthew Monahan over 3 years ago in Workflow 0 Shipped