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An action to get table stats from an entity

PS team had been using shell actions with $beeline queries in many client projects to captures the total number of rows from an entity/table and storing it in a NAMESPACE variable to later use it in conditional flow of workflow. This action will r...
Faisal Zafar over 1 year ago in Catalog / Workflow 2 On the Backlog

Ability to parse multi level complex json file in ZDP

Current json serde unable to parse multi level json. can we add openx serde which is available as open source. details: open source link : files link:
Adi Bandaru about 2 years ago in Data Ingestion / Catalog 0 On the Backlog

Provide ability to comment and crowdsource business information on ZDP entities/fields.

Business user/Data Stewards would like to collaborate and share their comments and findings on the data sets. They would like review these comments before underlying data can be provisioned to downstream systems. Provide ability to capture user fe...
Adi Bandaru almost 2 years ago in Metadata / Global Search / Catalog / Discovery / Provision 0 On the Backlog

Remove SS & SP unique constraint while cataloging

Currently, ZDP requires a unique combination of Source platform, source schema and technical name. However, there are scenarios when these fields becomes a constraint and restricts users to perform hive inventory action.Use case:Cataloging 2 table...
Ajinkya Rasam over 1 year ago in Catalog 0 On the Backlog

Display ingestion history for db wizard, db import created entities in entity view ingestion history tab when Display is 'Ingested File Size Per Day'

Display ingestion history for db wizard, db import created entities in entity view ingestion history tab when Display is 'Ingested File Size Per Day'Current behavior:The 'Ingested File Size Per Day' is shown only for entities associated with file ...
Sanjay Yadav over 1 year ago in Data Ingestion / Catalog / Metadata 0 On the Backlog

Ability to auto tag entities based on the vocabulary/business glossary

Adding labels to the entity is tedious and time consuming effort. provide capability to auto tag based on the business glossary. or by referring business vocabulary. some of the competitors are leveraging modified Maui - Multi-purpose automatic to...
Adi Bandaru almost 2 years ago in Metadata / Catalog / Profiling / Data Classification 0 On the Backlog

Custom Categories in Entity View like Reporting Catalog

Customer has a feature request where users will define custom categories like Reporting Catalog, Model Catalog etc. The intent of this is to see the impact of entities on other external artifacts like tableau reports, power bi reports etc and/or w...
Guest over 2 years ago in Catalog / Metadata management / Lineage / Custom Metadata / Metadata 0 On the Backlog

Include product usage workflow as a sample workflow along with Arena Installations

We have prepared a workflow that collects Zaloni product usage and audit metrics from the customer environment and sends the report via mail to the user. Document for the workflow : recommend adding the ...
Pragyan Choudhury 2 months ago in Administration / Catalog 0 Will not implement

Bulk upload of assets to Arena using CSV spreadsheet or similar files

Customer would like to have a feature built in the Arena 6.x where they can upload CSV spreadsheet to register assests in bulk directly.
Kaushik Talukdar 8 months ago in Catalog 0 On the Backlog

Addition of Modified by and modified date column in the file pattern listing

Quoting the client:Unlike other artifacts such as entities and workflows, filepatterns do not have modified by/modified date columns appearing in the List. This is causing a lot of problem identifying what and when a change has happened on a filep...
Kaushik Talukdar 8 months ago in Catalog 1