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Easier Decimal datatype mapping in HCATALOG

Currently, we have to map the DECIMAL(x,y) of HDFS DATA TYPE to STRING of HCATALOG DATA TYPE. Everytime value of x & y changes, we have to add a new data type mapping. This is not a feasible way of handling data type mapping between HDFS and H...
Sanjay Yadav almost 2 years ago in Metadata / Catalog / Transformations / Administration 2 On the Backlog

Asset URL and Information Link should be hyperlink in the global search card view

Asset URL and Information Link should be hyperlink in the global search card viewCustomer wants to access the asset url and information directly from the card view in the global search page.
Durlov Rajkonwar about 1 year ago in Dashboards / Catalog 0 On the Roadmap

Need support for Case sensitive Table Names in ZDP Entities

In my discussion with Ranjit and Sanjay yesterday, Sanjay informed me that they have a scenario wherein they want to import case sensitive tables from RDBMS to ZDP using DB import.However, presently we do not have support for case sensitive table ...
Ujjal Sharmah about 2 years ago in Catalog / Metadata management / Metadata 1 Duplicate

Ability to manage granular sharing permissions

Can we restrict sharing such that:A user can only share with certain projects Or, alternatively, they do not show up in that project until an authorized user certifies/accepts the itemA user can only share when criteria is met (e.g. business descr...
Guest over 2 years ago in User Interface / Catalog 0 On the Backlog

Pre-populate metadata data when creating a new entity

When creating a new entity (e.g. as output from a workflow), the user has to enter a business name and a technical name. It would be great if we could pre-populate the technical name, based on the business name. For example, as the user types in “...
Guest over 2 years ago in Catalog / User Interface 0 On the Roadmap

Ability to populate a custom artifact with data from an external source

Once we have a custom artifact for "Report" then customer will need the ability to populate the relationship/lineage from their current report catalog system, in addition to any created by ZDP.
Sanjay Yadav over 2 years ago in Custom Metadata / Catalog 0 On the Backlog

enable sort on all columns in tabular view across the platform

enable sort on all columns in tabular view across the platformFor additional info please refer to on shared artifact( column 2 which is after business name) for entity view is not working though hand...
Raja Adabala over 1 year ago in Catalog / Metadata API 0 On the Backlog

Get metadata from SAP ERP and HANA source systems

Provide functionality to populate entity business metadata from SAP ERP and HANA. Data Domains : DD01LData Domain text : DD01T SAP Tables : DD02LTable Text : DD02T Table Fields : DD03L Table Filed Texts : DD03TData Elements : DD04L Data Element T...
Adi Bandaru almost 2 years ago in Metadata / Metadata management / Lineage / Metadata API / Catalog 0 On the Backlog

Catalog BI applications

Ability to catalog BI application dashboards, reports, visualizations, metrics, attribute dimensions and provide end to end data lineage from ultimate source. BI Applications: Qlik Sense, Business Objects, tableau, etc
Adi Bandaru almost 2 years ago in Metadata / Global Search / Lineage / Catalog / Custom Metadata / Connections 0 On the Backlog

Ability for EDQ to support CUSTOM data format

Clients Scenario:I have an entity with custom data format.This entity is associated with an EDQ action of a post ingestion WF. While executing the action, I got the exception "Entity with data file CUSTOM is not supported by EDQ"
Pooja Killa almost 2 years ago in Data Quality / Catalog 0 On the Backlog