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Ability to configure default global search filters

Global search filters include several attributes, currently defined at the software level. Customer would like to be able to define which filters are displayed and their default values.
Meghali Nandi about 1 year ago in Global Search 0 Shipped

Globalsearch labels column should show actual labels rather than label count

Currently, in ZDP 5.2.x the labels column in globalsearch results shows total number of labels associated with the artifact. Users want this column to display actual labels instead of count
Ajinkya Rasam about 1 year ago in Global Search 0 Shipped

Ability to bulk edit via worksheet uploaded to UI

"Ability for business user to export/import/update existing or new business metadata using excel/CSV upload via UI for Multiple Entities"Ability for business user to export/insert/update business metadata for one or more entities/reports/models (E...
Guest over 2 years ago in User Interface 1 Shipped

Find function in field display

1. As a <user persona>| <user role>| <user permissions>Business user2. I want (Feature Details):a built in “Find” function now with pagination on field display. Customer used to use the browser Find feature but no longer possible...
Nikhil Goel about 2 years ago in User Interface / Metadata 0 Shipped

Lineage Not Displaying Complete Entity name

Lineage Not Displaying Complete Entity nameSample Project Name: EVT_metadataSample Entity Name: vthor_anlys_plt_ev_dtl_1810Sample Entity ID: 3012Screen Shot: The first 2 characters of the entity is missing in the below screen shot
Nikhil Goel over 2 years ago in User Interface / Lineage 0 Shipped