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Ability to specify connection in File Wizard

Scenario #1:For AWS GovCloud, it is mandatory to supply the S3 region (or endpoint) to successfully access any S3 buckets.In an S3 connection, we can easily provide this information, and hence file ingestion using a BDCA agent is possible.However,...
Mithulesh Kumar Medhi 3 months ago in Data Ingestion / Catalog / User Interface 0

Ability to restict "Difine Attributes at Entity" level with projects

Current functionality of "Define Attributes" allow us to create extended metadata attributes at ENTITY and FIELD scope. The visibility of these extended attributes are across the platform.some of the customer use cases focuses on the metadata spec...
Adi Bandaru 9 months ago in Metadata / User Interface / Metadata management / Global Search / Metadata API 0 On the Backlog

Provide ability to comment and crowdsource business information on ZDP entities/fields.

Business user/Data Stewards would like to collaborate and share their comments and findings on the data sets. They would like review these comments before underlying data can be provisioned to downstream systems. Provide ability to capture user fe...
Adi Bandaru about 2 years ago in Metadata / Global Search / Catalog / Discovery / Provision 0 On the Backlog

Allow user to specify arbitrary number of results per page, including all results

No description provided
Guest almost 3 years ago in Global Search / User Interface 0 On the Backlog

Parent filters disappear as we drill down into child filters

When a user drills down in globalsearch and filter with artifacts such as DQ rules which are not project specific (project aware) then the parent filter project is disappeared. This is working as designed but has some level of user inconvenience.W...
Ajinkya Rasam over 1 year ago in Global Search 0 Will not implement

Ability configure default filters in globalsearch

Hi,As a business user, I would like to have default filters set when I perform a global search. Currently, the default filters are project and type. However, I would require to have assets as default filter. assets is just an example, users might ...
Ajinkya Rasam over 1 year ago in Global Search 0 Will not implement

Reset filters button in Globalsearch

It's cumbersome to deselect each individual filter once a user has drilled to 4-5 levels in globalsearch filter. It would be good to have a reset filter button in order deselect all the filters at once.
Ajinkya Rasam over 1 year ago in Global Search 0 On the Roadmap

Enable file ingestion Wizard to modify existing entity

For the file ingestion wizard:Allow user to specify desired action (create new entity or use existing entity)For an existing entity, allow:Truncate table and insert dataAppend new data (no check for duplicate records)Upsert (insert new records and...
Guest almost 3 years ago in User Interface 0 On the Roadmap

Ability to display a badge for data that has been certified

TBD whether this prevents a user from accessing the entity or just shows a warning for non-certified entities
Guest almost 3 years ago in Custom Metadata / Metadata workflow / User Interface 1 On the Backlog

When creating entities from other entities, business metadata should be inherited from parent entity by default

"Automated metadata catalouging inheritance for views/transformations"When creating entities from other entities (e.g. during provisioning or transformations), business metadata should be inherited from parent entity by default
Guest almost 3 years ago in User Interface / Metadata management 1 On the Roadmap